VHF, UHF, and Microwave Filter articles by W1GHZ
Updated January 2016

  • New - From 2015 Eastern VHF-UHF Conference
    6 Meter Filter with Harmonic Suppression
    for full legal limit power,
    with some tips that the books don't tell you.

  • New - From Microwave Update 2014
    Combline Filters for VHF and UHF
    Examples with dimensions for 50 thru 432 Mz - updated with Dimension Table.

    Designing Combline Filters with Free Software

  • New - From Microwave Update 2014
    Altoids Tin Filters
    for UHF and Microwaves - Easy to build.

    Video - SemiRigid Cable Preparation

  • Pipe-cap Filters Revisited appeared in DUBUS
    Microwave filters built with copper plumbing pipe caps.

  • Recipes for Printed Hairpin Filters
    UHF and Microwave printed hairpin filters.


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