222 MHz Transverter for the FT-817 

As seen in January 2003 QST

Updated December 2012

We have located a stash of Power Amplifier Modules and Toko filters at attractive prices, and updated the PC board for some alternative parts to reduce future obsolescence. The transverter can be configured to work with the Flex-1500 SDR and other transceivers with transverter ports. The boards can also be modified for 144 or 432 MHz.

Further details as of December 2012

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Download Miniverter article

Updates 4/15/02

Latest Pictures, Files, Corrections and Updates 12/18/02

Corrected part placement on bottom side 1/15/03

QST January 2003 - corrections and notes as of 2/2/03

Calibration curve for the detector circuit, Figure A in QST

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